Our firm

We advise discerning national and international clients of all sizes and legal forms.

The partnership was founded initially as a solo practice in 1970 by Mr. Michael Nau. Thus, the Nau Partnership combines 40 years of professional experience with the forward-looking focus of an innovative advisory firm. In order to meet the standards of a modern tax advisory firm, we have set as our goal the ability to offer our clients the highest quality of service; one which increasingly exceeds that which is considered ‘traditional’ tax advice.

The structure of our firm’s organization ensures customized, client-driven and results-driven advice as well as a cost-optimized fee policy.

With a detailed understanding of the business and personal relationships of our clients, we bear a high degree of responsibility and hold a certain position of trust.

Our range of services includes, above all, financial accounting, payroll services, annual financial statements preparation, tax and business management advice as well as representation in connection with audits, appellate and tax court proceedings. Given our many years of experience in various fields of advice, we have also come to specialize in advising doctors, financial service institutions within the meaning of the German Banking Act together with associations and other public institutions.
As your business partner, we will always be available to you on all tax and business issues with the goal of representing your interests as a business, institution or individual and promoting and protecting your economic success.