Tax advice

As part of the structuring advice, we work with you to develop strategies that allow you to minimize your tax liability exposure through the use of tax electives or by highlighting to you tax risks in your business planning.
We also place a high priority on protecting your rights and interests during tax audits.
We generate the data records that are requested by the tax authorities and are the first point of contact for the auditors. As a rule, the tax audits can be carried out in our offices upon conferring and coordinating with the auditors. This arrangement allows for the least amount of disturbance to the business operation of our clients.
In this regard, we have many years of experience, which is certainly an advantage during what ‒ in some cases ‒ are very delicate discussions and negotiations.
Today, tax legislation and regulation is so convoluted and confusing that tax authorities often institute incorrect legal procedures. We stand by you as a competent advisor in all out-of-court appeals and tax court proceedings.