Financial accounting

Financial accounting
The financial accounting is prepared on the system of Datev e.G. The accounting receipts furnished by you are allocated to an account and then booked.
The monthly financial accounting yields, on the one hand, so-called ‘business management analyses’ [betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertungen], which show the results for a given period and the cash flow situation, and, on the other hand, the preliminary value added tax filing, which is transmitted electronically to the German Tax Authority (Finanzamt).
Cost accounting
The institution of a cost accounting system gives clients the possibility of allocating the incurred costs to various cost units during the bookkeeping process. You are thereby afforded an opportunity to conduct historical costing of projects/jobs which have already been executed or are still in progress.
Payroll services
Our staff generates the payroll calculation for your salaried employees. Payroll accounts are kept, and the preliminary payroll tax filing is generated for the German Finanzamt. In addition, reports to the social security agencies and employer liability insurance associations [Berufsgenossenschaften] are also processed. Our payroll specialists are familiar not only with wage and salary tax laws, but also with the ongoing changes in the social security laws and regulations.