What do we charge for our advice?

The structure of our firm’s organization ensures customized, client-driven and results-driven advice as well as transparent fee policies.
During the initial consultation, we are, of course, always asked about what we actually charge.
In many cases, our services do not cost a thing!
On the contrary, through savvy tax structuring, tax planning or the enforcement of your rights in appellate or tax court proceedings, we usually save our clients more in taxes than we actually charge them in fees.
As appointed tax advisors, we must as a rule follow the Tax Advisory Fee Ordinance in setting our fees. Our fees reflect decades of work and experience in the tax advisor business. In general, the Fee Ordinance is based on the service to be provided and the value of the subject matter of a service. In most cases, the value of the subject matter is the revenue or amount of income.
The services and areas of advice are as individualized as our clients themselves. For this reason, our own fee calculation is tailored to each specific client. Please be aware that we naturally do not charge fees without conferring with you first.
Feel free to contact us. We would be happy to provide you with a free cost estimate.